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Resource-wise Sustainability Studies, 22 cr


Resource-wise Sustainability Studies (22 ECTS) are master-level further education, where students increase their abilities in resource and energy efficiency in industrial research and development (R&D) activities. Studies are conducted in English.

Studies will strengthen the ability to carry out resource wise and sustainable development projects by providing expertise in research and development work and deep understanding in applied research of energy efficiency or sustainable materials science and engineering. After completing the studies, student will have skills for increasing the sustainable development at your field and abilities to plan and execute project work in sustainable manner. Student has critical skills for experimental or theoretical development work as well as data collection and assessment methods in the industry.

    25.08.2021 - 31.05.2022

Remote/contact studies approximately 3 days/month. Common studies take place on Hämeenlinna campus, some parts of the practical energy efficiency teaching may take place on Valkeakoski campus.

    Target group

BSc Engineerig (UAS), MSc Engineering (UAS), MSc (Technology). Foreign BSc or MSc that is comparable to the above mentioned qualifications. Persons with the vocational college diploma or the higher vocational diploma offered in Finland before the year 2000. Entrepreneurs, unemployed persons, immigrants.

Studies provide an opportunity for unemployed or persons under threat of unemployment to renew career opportunities and boost one’s employment.

    Content of the Studies (22 ECTS)

Resource Wise Society and Industry (2 cr)

Energy efficiency OR Sustainable Materials Science Engineering (15 cr)

* Theoretical Specialisation (10 cr)

* Research Methods (5 cr)

Resource Wisdom Project (5 cr)

Read more:

Senior lecturers in HAMK Tech research unit


English (teaching and materials), clarifications in Finnish upon need.


Project Manager Johanna Kuisma,, tel. +358 50 413 6914

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    Notes about the application

Application period: 28 May – 1 August 2021

Link to the Application form

    Price information

These studies are free of charge for the students.

Financier is the Ministry of Education and Culture.

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